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NetFlash: Exchange 2003 set for release to manufacturing next week

Jun 27, 20032 mins

Microsoft has given its final blessing to its Exchange 2003 e-mail server, which should be generally available in August and in retail later this year. New with Exchange are a couple different pricing options worth looking into, and some features that require the upcoming Outlook 2003 client.

Exchange 2003 set for release to manufacturing next week

IDC: WLAN coming to almost all notebooks

Wireless LANs are so popular that in four years, 98% of laptops will have the technology, says researcher IDC in a recent prediction. Plus, the vast majority of those will be able to use three different kinds of WLANs.

Court: Microsoft not required to carry Sun’s Java

An appeals court has reversed a lower court’s ruling that Microsoft must distribute a version of Java endorsed by Sun. But the appeals court also affirmed a ruling saying Microsoft violated Sun’s copyright by distributing its own version of the Java programming language with its products.

ICANN approves framework for greater public input

After coming under heavy criticism in the past for not giving individual users enough voice in how it runs the Internet, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers this week wrapped up its meeting in Montreal having put in place a framework for organizing participation from the user community.

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