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NetFlash: 3Com to lay off 10% of workforce

Jun 13, 20033 mins

Happy Friday the 13th. In honor of the notorious date, we have several tales of financial ugliness for you. First, 3Com is laying off 10% of its employees, mostly in the Silicon Valley office. Next, Covad is acquiring 23,000 business DSL customers from Qwest – a move analysts say is a lose-lose-lose situation. And finally, while PeopleSoft isn’t suing Oracle over its hostile bid, J.D. Edwards has called in the lawyers.

3Com to lay off 10% of workforce

Covad buys Qwest DSL business

J.D. Edwards sues Oracle over PeopleSoft bid

Utility hype?

Have you drunk the utility computing Kool-Aid? Network World Senior Editor Denise Dubie clearly hasn’t. She points out in her Weblog this week that vendors have made strides toward making computing more utility-like, but the distance from here to there is still extraordinary.

SCO stands by ultimatum to revoke IBM’s license

The SCO Group is threatening to revoke its license to IBM for the use of Unix next week, sticking to the ultimatum it set when it sued Big Blue in March. AIX is IBM’s flavor of Unix, but SCO owns the rights to some elements of Unix. Revoking the license would invalidate all AIX customer licenses, so users of the software would be operating with an invalid license, according to SCO.

BT, Cisco team on IP services in Europe

BT Group is teaming with Cisco to develop and sell a new range of converged IP services in the U.K. and Europe, in a move that they say will allow local businesses and governments to reduce costs by gaining extra capabilities from their networks.

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