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Net Know-It-All

Jul 08, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

So you think you're a Net Know-It-All? Take this week's quiz and find out.

1. Which U.S. president created the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), an advisory group of up to 30 leading technology industry chief executives?

1. Which company did Dave Duffield and Ken Morris form in 1987?

2. Which network company is taking over from Winston as title sponsor for the NASCAR championship cup?

3. Which company has announced plans to buy content delivery and billing specialist Pixo?

4. The U.S. Department of Defense recently announced that starting in October it will only buy network products that support which one of the following technologies?

5. Which company’s current motto is: “This is the power of the network. Now”?

6. Which company’s current motto is “Invent”?

7. Which company’s current motto is “Easy as …”?

8. Which company is suing Nextel for “unlawful corporate espionage” related to the allegedly improper acquisition of prototype cell phones?

9. Verizon Wireless recently changed course and has decided not to oppose a federal rule that would allow customrs to keep their phone nyumbers when switching wireless carriers. What month is the rule set to take effect?

10. According to the Federal Trade Commission, how many telephone numbers were logged into the new Do Not Call registry Web site on June 27, the anti-telemarketing site was launched?