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NetWare 6.5 comes with good company

Aug 05, 20033 mins
Enterprise Applications

* NetWare 6.5's companion CD offers 'little bites that delight'

I recently mentioned that NetWare 6.5 would ship with a “companion CD” that contained “stuff” (software, demos, evals, promos and slideware) from independent software developers. But I only mentioned two companies (Blue Lance and NetVision) that would be represented. We’ll correct that oversight today by letting you know what else you’ll be able to find on this delightful CD. You wouldn’t need this stuff to run NetWare, but it would help you enjoy your NetWare more thoroughly – it’s like the toy in a box of Cracker Jacks.

The companies represented on the CD (and their products) are listed alphabetically (so we don’t play favorites).

AdRem Software:

* AdRem NetCrunch 2.3 for Servers (30-day evaluation version).

* AdRem Server Manager 4.0 Client/Server (30-day evaluation version).

* AdRem sfConsole 5.0 (30-day evaluation version).

Blue Lance:

* LT Auditor+ Server Edition (Fully-functional “lite” version of LT Auditor+ Server Edition developed exclusively for NetWare 6.5).


* File Census (a 14-day free trial license).


* NetVision Integrated Security Policy Management (Introduction Presentation).

* NetVision Integrated Security Policy Management (Product Demonstration).


* VMware GSX Server for Windows Operating Systems (a license key that is valid for 15 days).

* VMware GSX Server Windows client package (a license key that is valid for 15 days).

* VMware GSX Server Linux client package ((a license key that is valid for 15 days).

We’ve talked about some of these products in previous newsletters – AdRem, Blue Lance, NetVision, and VMWare have all been featured not only here in the NetWare newsletter but also in my Wired Windows column for Network World. Intermine’s File Census is new to me, though, so I suggest you visit the company’s Web site ( to learn more. Any company that starts off its product pitch by saying “Intermine FileCensus lifts the fog of size and complexity obscuring intimate knowledge of your storage environment…” deserves to have its marketing materials read. I get the impression its copywriter might moonlight for Harlequin Romances.

The companion CD isn’t a compelling reason to buy NetWare 6.5, the features of the NOS do all the compelling that’s needed. But the companion CD does provide a little extra, something you might not be expecting, like the “amuse bouche” a good restaurant brings to entice your tastebuds before the meal begins. But there’s no need to make a reservation to enjoy these “little bites that delight” because not only does the companion CD come with NetWare 6.5 but (just in case you can’t wait) they are all also downloadable, right now, from Novell’s Web site ( You can go and get them now, then use the time waiting for your NetWare 6.5 to arrive by filling out the various registration forms for the evaluations. The price is certainly right.