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OP: the next IP?

Jun 30, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* OP: the next IP? * Too much information * Staff costs are still there * A matter of IT

OP: the next IP?

‘Net Insider Scott Bradner this week takes the recent ridiculous comments of Senator Orrin Hatch to their ridiculous conclusion. If we are to punish copyright violators the way Hatch has advocated, then we had better make sure we know who’s violating. For that, Bradner says, we need “Omniscience Protocol.”

Too much information

It’s obvious that there is an awful lot of information available online. But Winn Schwartau points out that having so much information freely available might not be such a great idea from your organization’s perspective.

Staff costs are still there

Some organizations look at voice-data convergence as a way to eliminate staff – but that’s not necessarily the best way to go, says Johna Till Johnson in this week’s Eye on the Carriers. There are several reasons why you might want to retain their services.

A matter of IT

The Harvard Business Review’s May article “IT doesn’t matter” created quite a stir in our industry, and Chuck Yoke wants to get his two cents in. In this week’s User View, he says that while the article got some things right, it got the most important stuff wrong.