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This week on Network World Fusion, 07/21/03

Jul 21, 20035 mins
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————————————– 1) Users still bullish on Web services ————————————– We catch up with the companies profiled in last year’s Web Services Early Adopters series ( to see if they’re reaping the benefits promised. Two out of three give an enthusiastic thumb’s up. DocFinder: 5944

1) The You Issue 

Our annual look at your job, salary, future and free time. Check out the cool places you work, how your salary compares with your peers, what concerns keep you up at night and much more.

DocFinder: 6850 New apps can be a real pain in the net 

Newfangled applications such as streaming media, Web conferencing and voice over IP promise lots of benefits, but they also can suck up network bandwidth to the point where these and other programs are practically paralyzed.

DocFinder: 6839 Stopping Intel sprawl 

VMWare lets users consolidate profilerating Intel boxes.

DocFinder: 6851 Technology Update: Apps switches boost availability 

Layer 7 load balancing devices, also known as Web or application switches, can drill down into URLs or HTTP headers to direct requests. An emerging technology, deep packet inspection, allows these switches to gain an even better view of content.

DocFinder: 6852 From Net.Worker: Residential gateways ready to grow 

Smart devices provide remote network configuration and management, and deliver new broadband services.

DocFinder: 6853 Outsourcing management gets a second look 

Companies such as IBM, EDS and HP learn how to become viable options for a range of customers.

DocFinder: 6854 Users look to cut network printing costs 

Printing, copying, faxing and other output issues are rising to the top of IT lists as companies look for ways to reduce costs.

DocFinder: 6855 Cisco warns of vulnerability in IOS 

Cisco last week warned of a widespread and serious flaw in its IOS operating system that could make devices vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack.

DocFinder: 6856 Start-up sets stage for tighter security 

Start-up Trusted Network Technologies is preparing an upgrade to its unique authentication and access-control offering that could prompt businesses to rethink their use of firewalls.

DocFinder: 6857 Vendors tout their solutions to spam 

IronPort Systems and Tumbleweed Communications separately are targeting corporate customers with network appliances designed to manage e-mail traffic and fight spam.

DocFinder: 6858 Users question on-demand computing 

Customers say CA first needs to better explain what it means by so-called on-demand management before they’ll buy.

DocFinder: 6859 Avaya’s new firewalls speak VoIP 

Avaya this week is expected to launch several security gateways that promise to let customers more easily support IP phone calls through firewalls.

DocFinder: 6860 Sprint dips toe into MPLS waters 

Putting aside a long-held view that Multi-protocol Label Switching is not a technology it needs, Sprint now says it will introduce an MPLS-based VPN service by year-end.

DocFinder: 6861 Don’t leave home without RFID 

American Express is expanding a wireless payment scheme to 175 retail locations in the Phoenix area, in a test designed to confirm whether the radio technology can pay off at the cash register.

DocFinder: 6862 EMC formalizes plan for pay-by-the-drink storage 

EMC this week is scheduled to formally announce a program aimed at taking the guesswork out of buying storage, by letting customers pay only for the gigabytes of capacity used.

DocFinder: 6863 Security Notes: A summer reading suggestion 

It may not be a beach read, but Senior Editor Ellen Messmer recommends the IT Examination Handbook for those interested in how federal regulators are going to be auditing the security of financial services firms.

DocFinder: 6864 Wireless Wizards: Existing APs and new switches 

This week, the Wizards help a reader who wants to know if he can use his existing access points with next-generation wireless switches and appliances.

DocFinder: 6865 Management Notes: Battling for bandwidth 

Senior Writer Denise Dubie says the ongoing struggle between enterprise networks and the applications that run on them continues, according to a recent survey conducted by Network World.

DocFinder: 6866 Nutter’s Help Desk: Accounting for the use of network bandwidth 

Help Desk Guru Ron Nutter helps a reader looking for an affordable bandwidth monitoring tool by finding a good one that’s free.

DocFinder: 6867