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This week on Network World Fusion, 07/28/03

Jul 28, 20035 mins
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Welcome to This Week on NW Fusion! This weekly news update includes late breaking news, info, and tips from Network World Fusion, the most comprehensive enterprise networking resource on the Internet. See below for the week's biggest stories and be sure to check out our other e-mail newsletters at

————————————– 1) Users still bullish on Web services ————————————– We catch up with the companies profiled in last year’s Web Services Early Adopters series ( to see if they’re reaping the benefits promised. Two out of three give an enthusiastic thumb’s up. DocFinder: 5944

1) Cisco IOS scare stirs questions

A serious vulnerability in Cisco’s IOS software has yet to yield publicly disclosed exploits, but the incident does punctuate the difficulty of properly maintaining IOS-based gear — especially for those running older versions, experts say.

DocFinder: 6947

2) DNS is busting out all over

New uses continue to be found for this 20-year-old ‘Net technology.

DocFinder: 6946

3) New EMC storage arrays promise replication gains

EMC this week is expected to introduce new Symmetrix DMX storage arrays with software that the company says will cut a customer’s overall hardware costs and allow data replication over any distance.

DocFinder: 6948

4) Buyer’s Guide: Collaborative workspaces

See whether Groove, Documentum or iCohere came out on top in our testing. Plus, download a spreadsheet with all the product specs and read up on a better way to collaborate via ad-hoc teams across a network. We’ve also prepared a multimedia presentation in which Brett Trusko, a management consultant and futurist with IRC/Future-Org, takes a deeper look at the factors used in our test of the various collaboration workspaces and provides tips for would-be buyers looking into the technology.

DocFinder: 6950

5) Wireless Wizards: Location determination algorithms

This week, the Wizards answer the questions: “How do location determination algorithms work for wireless LANs?  How accurate are they? Can one detect mobility using these algorithms?”


6) VoIP unwired

Voice and wireless Ethernet might seem an odd mix, but for mobile workers or hard-to-wire areas, it can be the perfect combo.

DocFinder: 6951

7) Enterprises planning to switch wireless providers

Senior Editor Denise Pappalardo discusses a report by the Management Network Group that shows 24% of large companies plan to switch their providers as soon as wireless number portability goes into effect this fall.


8) Nutter’s Help Desk: How many DNS servers do I need?

Ron Nutter helps out a user whose shop is changing to a more complex server configuration and who wants to know whether he should go with Linux or Windows for DNS servers.


9) IBM’s possible foreign outsourcing

Senior Writer Denise Dubie discusses the possibility that IBM could move some jobs overseas. What do you think?


10) Technology Update: IPSs instantly grant or deny access

Intrusion-prevention systems can provide a scalable front line of defense for vulnerable unpatched or misconfigured servers.

DocFinder: 6952

11) Management Strategies: Call in the security auditors

Independent SAS 70 audits could show you how secure data is with your service provider.

DocFinder: 6953

12) Spam technology seeks acceptance

A proposed standard filtering technology originally developed to help end users organize messages in overstuffed in-boxes instead is gaining favor as a niche tool to help in the effort to stem the onslaught of spam.

DocFinder: 6954

13) Foundry adds load-balancing, security features

Thwarting denial-of-service attacks, load balancing multiple ISP links and speeding Web services traffic – these are among the new features in Foundry Networks’ ServerIron switches.

DocFinder: 6955

14) Sprint throws hat into Wi-Fi arena

Sprint announced last week that it will offer Wi-Fi service throughout the U.S. to give travelers another wireless option when accessing the Internet.

DocFinder: 6956

15) Patch management burdens customers

This thankless task monopolizes large chunks of IT staff time, in spite of a growing array of products and services that can track machines that need patches and automate patch downloads from vendor sites.

DocFinder: 6957

16) Secure Sockets Layer: Too much of a good thing?

SSL remote access is popping up all over, but not all users want all the features.

DocFinder: 6958

17) Dell scraps eight-way line, pushes clustering

Move aims to help customers cut server costs by encouraging them to use clusters of lower-priced Intel boxes to get the processing power of more expensive, bigger boxes.

DocFinder: 6959

18) Microsoft hanging its hat on Longhorn server, client

Microsoft last week finally acknowledged that it was developing a server version of its Longhorn operating system and said the evolution of its next-generation enterprise software lineup would be integrated around both the client and server version of that operating system.

DocFinder: 6960

19) Bluetooth gets greasy and gritty

With little fanfare, Bluetooth is gaining acceptance in many industrial gritty, greasy and loud applications that are a far cry from cell phones and headsets.

DocFinder: 6961