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Your top concerns

Jul 24, 20032 mins
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* What’s on your colleagues’ minds these days and how much are they making? Our annual surveys tell all

Reading about speeds and feeds can get a little tedious sometimes, which is why I look forward to Network World’s annual You Issue. Every July we devote an issue to you, the men and woman behind the machines.

One of the most telling signs of where we’re at in a particular year is our annual Top Concerns survey, in which he ask 100 network executives to rate their level of concern over 37 technology, management and career issues on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 equaling high anxiety.

What’s interesting with this year’s survey is despite the fact the economy is still in the same rut as last year, net execs seem to be less worried. Survey results show that you’re less worried about major topics such as technology, managing employees and projects, careers and industry health than you were last year. And concern has been dropping steadily since the heydays of 2000. This year, the overall Concern Rating drops to 5.84, down significantly from its height of 6.25 in 2000.

For the third year in a row “Securing the network from hackers” is the No. 1 worry. Check out the survey in its entirety for more on what’s keeping net execs up at night – and what’s not:

Another popular part of The You Issue is our annual Salary Survey, where we poll net execs to see how you’re faring monetarily compared to your peers. The answer this year is “Just fine, thanks.” Salaries for network executives in 2003 average $113,140 nationwide – and increases for all network titles outpace the rate of inflation. Network executives’ salaries rose 3.5% in 2003, from 2002’s $109,280. See how your compensation ranks among our peers by checking out the survey at: