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Stellent aims to remedy Web site scaling headaches

Aug 20, 20032 mins
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* Stellent Site Studio content management

Web site development and deployment is a tough enough business but when you have to scale to not just one or two sites but scores of them, life gets, er, challenging. And when you have a team of designers, editors and contributors all doing development simultaneously you’d better be using a powerful content management system that can not only coordinate all of the different activities but also enforce standards.

Site Studio, the latest product from Stellent (see links below) replaces the company’s Content Publisher product and is designed to do just that: Provide a complete production and management environment for multiple Web sites being worked on by many people at many levels of involvement.

The architecture of Site Studio’s predecessor was dependent on a coding model which, while powerful, demanded a lot more skill and management of users. The new model used by Site Studio is based on drag-and-drop templates and includes the ability to edit content through a Web page interface.

With Site Studio contributors and editors can choose to use the more complex interface of the Content Server platform on which Site Studio works; or browse to a page they want to work on and make changes directly to the live page; or drag and drop updated files into the appropriate Web-page folder using a traditional file structure.

Site Studio also allows administrators to control workflow by setting up automatic routing and approval workflow.

Pricing for Stellent Site Studio starts at $25,000 – the actual price depends on the actual implementation size – and requires the Stellent Content Server, priced starting at $50,000.


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