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CA launches net performance mgmt. software

Aug 25, 20033 mins
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CA launches network performance management software, 08/25/03

Computer Associates last week rolled out software designed to watch traffic and map the physical relationships between applications and the underlying infrastructure that supports them, which the company says will speed problem resolution and improve performance.

Virtualized data center servers get help, 08/25/03

Corporate customers are looking to save money and boost production by consolidating workloads onto single servers.

Micromuse adds to management arsenal, 08/25/03

Micromuse announced last week it has acquired a former OEM partner for $23 million in a deal designed to complement its strength in network management with applications and system management capabilities.

Microsoft ponders automatic patching, 08/22/03

In the wake of a widespread Internet worm, Microsoft Thursday said it is weighing options to get more users to secure their computers, including automatically applying security patches to PCs remotely.

EDS intros Microsoft desktop management service, 08/20/03

Electronic Data Systems Wednesday is unveiling a service to manage the deployment of Microsoft desktop applications and system software in companies and government agencies.

Online rights management now a hosted service, 08/20/03

A software package for managing online digital content rights and access is being offered as a hosted service.

Citibank warns of e-mail scam, 08/19/03

Citibank, a division of New York Citigroup, is warning customers to immediately delete a scam e-mail asking them to provide their user names and the first four digits of their bank cards.

Latest worm puts focus on patch woes, 08/18/03

The Blaster worm that last week infiltrated hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Windows-based computers once again highlighted the IT community’s inability to plug software holes even when they have been …

Backup as a way of life, 08/18/03

Lifeline Systems must be there when you’ve fallen and can’t get up.

IT spending up in 2003, 08/18/03

Survey results released Monday show that IT spending will increase in the latter half of 2003, which could indicate a more significant turnaround in 2004.

Going back to the future, 08/20/03

It’s interesting how as we progress, that eventually things cycle back around to our past. We went from mainframes, in days gone by, to distributed systems.