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How do we define ‘nuts’?

Sep 02, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* How do we define ‘nuts’? * Analyze this wireless LAN * Again, only the lawyers win * Getting vociferous about voice

How do we define ‘nuts’?

Howard Anderson starts out with the premise that “our industry is nuts.” He then goes on to prove it with numerous examples of odd personnel changes, kooky acquisitions and creative business strategies – as if you needed proof.

Analyze this wireless LAN

Wireless LANs are proliferating faster than bunnies in a Visa check card commercial. That’s why you need tools to analyze those networks. Luckily, as Kevin Tolly points out, it’s not too difficult for traditional protocol analyzer vendors to adapt their gear to wireless nets.

Again, only the lawyers win

Scott Bradner this week gags on the hundreds of pages and thousands of footnotes generated by our friends at the FCC, as they explain new telecom rules. The rules and the explanations are bound to make everyone angry – except the lawyers who of course will be suing momentarily.

Getting vociferous about voice

IP voice is such a hot new area that we just had to hold a debate on the topic at the upcoming Voice on the Net show in Boston. Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix this week sets the stage this week. Read his editorial, then send him ideas about what to ask Cisco, Avaya, Nortel and the other participants to really get things rolling.