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The difference between NICs and pork bellies

Aug 18, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* The difference between NICs and pork bellies * Sold on cell * Pondering 10 Gigabit * All the president’s e-mail

The difference between NICs and pork bellies

Network interface cards are exceedingly cheap, leading many to conclude that they have officially reached commodity status. But Kevin Tolly argues that some NICs have features that do indeed still set them apart from the rest, and these features should not be ignored.

Sold on cell

If you extrapolate current trends, you find a world where people use cell phones even more than they do today. Does that mean the end of copper phone lines? ‘Net Insider Scott Bradner examines that question – and looks at what that might mean for traditional phone companies, the keepers of the copper wiring.

Pondering 10 Gigabit

People argue that 10 Gigabit Ethernet is way too much bandwidth for the average enterprise company. But Network World’s Beth Schultz argues that 10 Gig is entirely relevant in enterprise networks.

All the president’s e-mail

Buzz columnist Paul McNamara this week can’t resist the urge to test out the new Web mail system put in place by the Bush Administration. Will he get a full, well-thought-out response to his inquiry? What do you think?