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Q&A: Sun execs talk server futures

Sep 17, 20032 mins
Data Center

Latest Sun news.

Q&A: Sun execs talk server futures, 09/15/03

Sun made its name selling big, powerful boxes. But as the economy forced corporations to clamp down on spending, Sun watched its revenue slide with computer systems revenue down nearly 16% in fiscal 2003 compared with the year before. Buyers turned toward lower-priced, Intel-based servers, and in response …

Sun offers Java stack for $100 per employee, 09/16/03

Sun Tuesday disclosed pricing details for Project Orion, an initiative that aims to radically simplify the way Sun delivers server software to its customers and in the process, Sun hopes, will …

Sun inches toward low-cost computing, 09/12/03

Sun demonstrated Oracle’s new database software running on a cluster of its Intel-based servers this week, its latest step toward offering customers a low-cost alternative to its proprietary Unix servers.

Real a Mad Hatter, 09/10/03

Sun says it will include RealMedia Player in its upcoming Mad Hatter release, a Linux desktop bundle consisting mainly of open source software. The non-Windows desktop is where Real has Microsoft beat …

Sun and ACS partner for pay-per-use IT services, 09/10/03

Affiliated Computer Services has struck a deal with Sun that will let ACS pay for Sun hardware and software according to usage instead of paying a fixed price, the companies plan to …