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Calif. law protects all from security breaches

Sep 24, 20033 mins

Latest security news.

Calif. law protects all from security breaches, 09/23/03

No matter where you live in the U.S., your identity theft protection is about to improve. And you can thank the California legislature for that.

IBM patching DB2 vulnerability, 09/17/03

IBM released a software patch for a serious security vulnerability in some versions of its DB2 database, according to the security company that discovered the problems.

New Internet worm targets e-mail, P2P software, 09/18/03

Anti-virus companies are warning Internet users about W32.Swen, a new worm that spreads using e-mail messages, vulnerable network connections, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and peer-to-peer networks.

Symantec adds anti-virus to early warning system, 09/23/03

Changes to Symantec’s DeepSight Threat Management System announced Monday will add data on computer viruses and worms to an Internet early warning system, providing enterprise customers with the ability to track the outbreaks on the Internet, Symantec said.

Exchange-specific disaster recovery service unveiled, 09/23/03

Evergreen Assurance this week launched a disaster recovery service for Microsoft Exchange intended to recover messaging and collaboration data instantly in the event of a failure.

Gov’t agency uses buying power to encourage security, 09/23/03

The U.S. government has started to use its immense purchasing power to influence cybersecurity, beginning with a Department of Energy contract with Oracle that requires the software vendor to build in security configurations.

Netegrity to build Web services security spec, 09/22/03

Netegrity this week will unveil support for emerging security standards in its Web services transaction software, which lets corporations safeguard business-to-business communications using the nascent technology.

TruSecure tackles risk management, 09/22/03

TruSecure, a managed security services company, waded into the crowded waters of security software applications Monday with the announcement of a new enterprise security management application called Risk Commander.

RSA upgrades ClearTrust software for Web access control, 09/22/03

RSA Security has upgraded its ClearTrust server software for policy-based access to Web applications, adding support for Security Assertions Markup Language  (SAML) 1.1 and identity-management features licensed from Thor Technologies.

IBM and GE Interlogix to unite physical and IT security management, 09/19/03

IBM and GE Interlogix announced they’ll work together to ensure that IBM enterprise management software can accept security alerts and other data from the Interlogix security system Facility Commander, which can collect and manage incoming alerts from multi-vendor badge readers, burglar alarms and surveillance systems.

Microsoft begins security CD giveaway in Japan, 09/19/03

The Japanese unit of Microsoft has begun giving away CDs containing a full set of updates for its Windows XP operating system partly in response to prompting from the Japanese government after a recent series of virus and worm attacks.