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Sep 29, 20032 mins
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* RIAA vs. RBOC * Those who don’t learn from history… * The pressure’s on * Management is the goal


Johna Till Johnson this week takes on the Recording Industry Association of America. That’s not a usual topic for a column on carriers – but the RIAA has started to butt heads with the RBOCs over the issue of customer privacy, and Johnson has a few thoughts about that.

Those who don’t learn from history…

Why do viruses and worms continue to create widespread havoc? Haven’t we learned that we need to patch software and keep anti-virus tools up to date? Joel Snyder this week says that it’s time to move past these questions and think about what ISPs can do to help.

The pressure’s on

A lot of the business of financial services firm Pershing rests on its network. In this week’s Your Take, Network World speaks with Pershing’s managing director of e-services to find out how he deals with the pressure of maintaining a network that cannot go down, while juggling security and new technologies.

Management is the goal

The rise of Web services means there must be a corresponding rise in Web services management tools. Before you go out and buy one, you should read James Kobielus’ column this week, where he looks at where such management tools are today and how the whole market is looking ripe for consolidation.