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IBM upgrades integration tools

Oct 01, 20033 mins

Latest IBM news.

IBM upgrades integration tools, 09/30/03

IBM Monday announced upgraded versions of two tools in its WebSphere Business Integration software portfolio, which is aimed at helping users tie together business processes to improve corporate performance.

IBM combines transistors to speed wireless chips, 09/30/03

IBM Tuesday announced it has developed a technique for building two different types of silicon transistors atop a single wafer that is expected to boost the performance of communications devices.

IBM acquires OS-migration specialist, 09/30/03

IBM Tuesday announced it has acquired the application porting services business of Sector7, a privately held firm that specializes in helping companies migrate their legacy server operating systems to platforms such as Linux.

IBM offers server computing remotely, 09/30/03

IBM Tuesday will introduce new services that provide remote access to server computing resources and are priced based on usage.

IBM gives on-demand computing a boost, 09/29/03

IBM sought to advance its $10 billion on-demand computing initiative on several fronts last week, announcing new grid software for aggregating computing resources and middleware for extending …

SCO infringed copyright, IBM alleges in new claim, 09/26/03

IBM has escalated its legal counterattack on The SCO Group, filing new claims on Thursday in the U.S. District Court in Utah alleging that SCO has infringed IBM’s copyright.

Retailers plan more outsourcing, POS upgrades, study says, 09/26/03

IT outsourcing and point-of-sale overhauls are among the most popular IT projects being planned by retailers, according to a study released this week by IBM Business Consulting Services.

IBM urges dismissal of suit filed by ill former workers, 09/26/03

A lawsuit alleging that IBM overlooked higher-than-usual incidences of cancer among workers at its manufacturing facilities should be dismissed, the company argued Friday in the Superior …

IBM trumpets new grid products, customers, 09/25/03

IBM Wednesday unveiled grid computing applications tailored to companies in banking and financial industries. At the same time, Big Blue announced ongoing grid projects with a handful of …

IBM cuts 380 software jobs, 09/25/03

IBM is cutting about 380 U.S.-based jobs in its software division in an effort to eliminate overlapping positions and increase efficiency, the company said Thursday.