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They’re baaaaaaack…

Sep 23, 20032 mins

* Yipes rounds up more cash to reboot its Ethernet service efforts

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Yipes Enterprise Services is taking another stab at it. The Ethernet service provider last week announced a fresh infusion of venture capital with which to dedicate to 10 markets. The original Yipes was a poster child for the telecom meltdown, burning through hundreds of thousands of dollars between its founding in 1999 and its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing in March 2002. The new Yipes, which announced its rebirth in July of last year, has now added $9.5 million in funding to $54 million previously raised. It also exited many cities in order to concentrate on 10 major markets, including New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Yipes plans to become cash-flow-positive by next June.

SBC last week joined Verizon, BellSouth and Qwest in appealing the recent FCC Triennial Review order, which, the carriers claim, enables competitors to use their local access facilities at less than wholesale rates. SBC asked a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., to stop the enactment of the Triennial Review orders, claiming they cause “irreparable harm” to its business. New rules imposed by the Triennial Review order could cost SBC an additional $500 million in lost revenue by the end of 2005, the carrier claims.

Verizon last week entered the storage back-up and data retrieval disaster recovery market with a service tailored for large enterprises. The new offering provides storage systems, software and services from EMC under a resale agreement between Verizon and EMC. Worldwide spending for storage services is increasing by 6% a year and will reach almost $30 billion in 2007, Verizon says, citing research from IDC. The data storage service is provided by Verizon’s Enterprise Solutions Group.

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