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IBM execs see changing focus on security with rise of WLANs

Oct 13, 20032 mins

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IBM execs see changing focus on security with rise of WLANs, 10/13/03

IBM executives offered their perspectives on what they say are distinct changes in security focus at corporations and government brought on by events such as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

10 Gigabit ready to set up enterprise shop, 10/13/03

Most corporate users are not yet clamoring for 10G Ethernet, but the technology is evolving from the concept phase to production customer trials and deployments in some cases.

Year One: Force10 faces challenges, 10/13/03

After arriving with a splash in the high-end switch market in September 2002, Force10 Networks continues to gain customers and praise from high-end users.

Opinion: Ethernet on the high seas, 10/13/03

It’s scary to think of relying on poorly specified technology for critical functions such as navigation and depth readings. While Ethernet can certainly do the job, a cheap hub is not the way to go.

IBM unveils wireless IDS service, 10/08/03

Citing the ‘explosion’ of wireless hotspots in public spaces, homes and businesses, IBM on Wednesday unveiled a managed intrusion detection service targeted at wireless networks.

SMC debuts 802.11g router with print server, 10/07/03

SMC Tuesday announced the Barricade g Wireless Broadband Router with USB Print Server. Available Oct. 15 for $130, the device combines a 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.11g wireless access point, a four-port switch…