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Business continuity: Giving it roots.

Oct 20, 20031 min
Data Center

Everybody knows that bad things can happen to good systems. A calamity can cause a network to crash, a data center to go offline, a call center to go silent. In the most-prepared companies, all employees take part in business-continuity plans. In this special report, we examine trends and techniques for comprehensive preparedness.

Great business-continuity plans need the help of everyone in the company, not just IT.
No business-continuity plan is complete without a computer SWAT team to protect systems from a multitude of disruptions.
IP steps up as a transport option for out-of-region replication.
An analyst tells why understanding the value of corporate data must come before your no-fail business-continuity plan can soar.
Show the purse holders the wisdom of prevention to gain the funds you need for incident-response teams and other business-continuity services.