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Your job hangs in the balance

Nov 03, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Your job hangs in the balance * VoIP is here to disrupt * Sometimes it’s a Trojan horse, but sometimes it’s not * This baggage is heavy

Your job hangs in the balance

This month’s Face-off directly concerns your financial well-being. When globalization transfers IT jobs to other countries, is that a threat to the U.S. economy that should be stopped? Or is it just the natural evolution of the industry? Matthew Biggs of the International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers argues for stemming the tide, while Scott Turner of management service provider NaviSite says it’s all a part of IT commoditization.

Globalization threatens U.S. IT jobs

U.S. IT job loss part of normal industry evolution

Forum: Should the U.S. do more to preserve IT jobs?

VoIP is here to disrupt

Voice over IP is one of those technologies that hasn’t gotten much respect – but it isn’t going away, either. It’s that kind of tenacity that leads Howard Anderson to say this week that VoIP is where everything is headed. Here’s what that means to you.

Sometimes it’s a Trojan horse, but sometimes it’s not

As computer-related crimes are tried by juries who know little about computers, strange things can happen. Mark Gibbs in Backspin highlights one case in particular where the jury believed the accused had been himself a victim of a Trojan horse, even though there was no evidence to support that belief.

This baggage is heavy

‘Net Buzzmaster Paul McNamara this week looks at how long it can take to shake a bad image. WorldCom is doing all sorts of contortions to shake the notion that it is unethical, a reputation it received when a few executives cooked up accounting fraud. Can the company ever live it down?