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Sonexis enhances premised-based conferencing server

Nov 03, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

Sonexis this week unveiled ConferenceManager 4.0, a premised-based audio and Web conferencing system with double the capacity of its predecessors as well as new capabilities such as application sharing, conference record and playback, and improved security with support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Version 4.0 can now support up to 192 PSTN ports or 240 voice over IP calls (using SIP or H.323) and 200 Web conferencing clients. The larger capacity comes in a bigger package as well, with ConferenceManager now running on a 2-rack unit high, specialized hardware platform.

Among the improvements that users will see is the ability to share applications between the presenter and viewer, with both sides able to take control of the other’s system. “This is good for customer support [where a tech support representative] can reconfigure a system remotely,” says Peter Cohen, director of marketing at Sonexis.

Also, Sonexis has added the ability to record and playback a conference directly on the ConferenceManager’s built-in hard drive. Cohen says the host can control the recording via an on-screen console or using voice commands on the phone.

In addition to the security derived from hosting the ConferenceManager server behind a firewall, Sonexis has added native support for SSL encryption to further protect the content of an online meeting. This is especially important for meetings involving those outside the corporate network.

Other features in version 4.0 include the ability to schedule conferences directly from Lotus Notes and Outlook 98; newer versions of Outlook are already supported. SIP support is also enhanced making it easier for participants with SIP-based softphones to join a conference. There’s also new system test feature that can ensure a participant’s PC has the necessary drivers and horsepower to attend the conference. Users must have at least Windows 98 or higher to use the Web conferencing features.

Cohen says the system test feature resulted from calls to Sonexis’ own support lines, where many customers needed help getting the proper system configuration set.

Sonexis targets its platform at any size company that does more that $1,500 per month in audio and Web conferencing, Cohen says. The company competes with Spectel and eDial in the premise-based market and service providers such WebEx and Microsoft Live Meeting for Web conferencing dollars in general.

ConferenceManager 4.0 starts at $22,800 for a 24 ports with additional ports available for $950 per port.