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Settlement foes propose stiffer remedies in Microsoft case

Nov 05, 20032 mins

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Settlement foes propose stiffer remedies in Microsoft case, 11/04/03

The antitrust settlement between Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice needs to be amended because it doesn’t ensure competition between Microsoft and its rivals, the state of Massachusetts and an IT industry group argued Tuesday.

Tech Update: 802.16a wireless links the last mile, 11/03/03

With throughput up to 75M bit/sec, the wireless standard gives companies another way to get business-quality broadband service. While it could take several months for a carrier …

Management Strategies: Web services wisdom, 11/03/03

A handful of IT professionals are beginning to see that the emerging Web services, which promises to break down the barriers between islands of technology, could also break down into a chaos of integrating diverse systems and business objectives. What is the solution? Create a management-level position, reporting to the head of IT manager or the CIO.

Defense Department goes on offense with RFID, 11/03/03

Companies that want to sell products to the Department of Defense soon will have to comply with a new condition of doing business with the multibillion-dollar buyer: wireless inventory tagging.