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Nov 05, 20037 mins
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At the recent IT Infrastructure Management conference Senior Writer Denise Dubie caught up with none other than William Shatner, best known as “Star Trek’s” Capt. James T. Kirk. Denise chatted with him after his keynote address at the show and found out why he doesn’t like voice-recognition technology and what he thinks is proliferating like tribbles. Read their Q&A below.

Senior Editor John Fontana just got back from Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, where Microsoft brass revealed further details of the company’s ambitions for Longhorn, which is expected in 2006. Read John’s reports below for what Microsoft has planned in the areas of identity management and Web services.

News from Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, Los Angeles

Microsoft eyes ID management, 11/03/03

Microsoft is working on identity technology for its future Longhorn operating system that it hopes will evolve into a cross-platform, standard format that companies can use to secure digital relationships and share resources.

Beyond Windows-centric management, 11/03/03

Microsoft last week unveiled a Web services-based technology intended to let its Windows-centric management tools work with other platforms such as Linux and Unix.

Microsoft to release threat-modeling tool, 10/30/03

Microsoft plans to publicly release a threat modeling tool it uses internally to help software developers create more secure software, the company said Thursday.

Developers get hands on Microsoft’s NGSCB, 10/30/03

In addition to showing off its next-generation Longhorn operating system this week, Microsoft for the first time handed out code that underlies its closely watched Next-Generation Secure Computing Base security technology.

Microsoft unveils development tools to support management, 10/29/03 

Microsoft Wednesday unveiled a Web services-based technology intended to allow its Windows-centric management tools to integrate with other platforms such as Linux and Unix.

Microsoft, Vodafone outline mobile services plan, 10/29/03

Microsoft and Vodafone Group published a technical road map and a white paper as part of their effort to allow PC applications to take advantage of services offered on mobile networks.

Gates uncovers Longhorn, 10/27/03

Microsoft on Monday used its annual Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles to uncover for the first time its Longhorn operating system, which officials said would be the biggest release of this decade.

News from IT Infrastructure Management show, New Orleans

Techies, tribbles and toilets, 11/03/03

Best known as “Star Trek’s” Capt. James T. Kirk, William Shatner is something of a techie in real life, too. Last year he penned a book called I’m Working on That, A Trek from Science Fiction to Fact, and last week his keynote address kicked off the inaugural IT Infrastructure Management conference in New Orleans.

Help desks look to reinvent their mission, 11/03/03

New automated systems are increasingly making help desks or at least some of their members expendable. But managers overseeing these support groups argue that phasing out people can only go so far.

Weblog: The human factor, 11/03/03

The power of people seemed to be on everyone’s minds last week at the IT Infrastructure Management show in New Orleans. This was true from the opening keynote delivered by William Shatner to a presentation by Kevin Mitnick to multiple presentations by enterprise IT managers. The show focused on more tightly integrating IT people, processes and technology to better serve business users.

News from Computer Security Institute Conference and Exhibition, Washington, D.C.

Cybersecurity a balancing act, former FBI head says, 11/04/03

On one hand, U.S. businesses need to protect their trade secrets because national security is tied closely to economic security, but on the other hand encryption might be helping criminals hide their secrets, Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI, told a gathering of cybersecurity experts Monday.

CA unveils plans for identity management suite, 11/03/03

Following recent announcements from competitors about identity management plans, Computer Associates  said that it will join six of its eTrust products into a unified identity and access management suite.

30th annual CSI Conference kicks off, 11/03/03

With memories of August’s worm outbreaks and recent spam attacks fresh in their minds, computer security experts will gather in Washington, D.C. this week for the annual Computer Security Institute Conference and Exhibition.

News from Digital ID World, Denver

Liberty Alliance vs. WS-Federation: Should we care?, 11/03/03

At the recent Digital ID World conference, the Liberty Alliance trotted out a white paper, which the group believed marked a milestone or turning point in the evolution of federated identity services.

Weblog: Identity a key for Web services, 10/20/03

I spent a few days last week at the Digital ID World conference in Denver where it was quite obvious that identity is a major issue for Web services rollouts and a major issue for the financial health of companies going forward.

News from Yankee Group Telecom Forum, Arlington, Virginia

Sprint’s Forsee: Reorganization ‘changing the culture of the company’, 11/05/03

Sprint CEO Gary Forsee said the carrier’s reorganization plan is well underway and all pieces should be in place by Jan. 1.

Capellas looks to the future, 11/04/03

CEO Michael Capellas this week mapped out the carrier’s 18-month product plan only days after receiving some of the best news the carrier has probably heard in well over a year.


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IT security will be one of the major themes at Comdex Las Vegas. Symantec CEO John Thompson will deliver a keynote address on Wednesday, Nov. 19, and a bunch of security-related tutorials and conferences will run throughout the show. Conference topics include intrusion protection technologies, security policies, wireless LAN security, and Web threats and countermeasures.

The tutorials will discuss hacking,  secure access using SSL VPNs, and security essentials for managers.

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