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Miercom offers new special report on IP PBXs

Jan 27, 20031 min

The IP PBX market is young, vibrant and often confusing. Miercom’s new special report is a must-read for anyone considering a voice-over-IP deployment. The report provides insight into the ins and outs of VoIP, vendor strategies, various vendor architectures and the critical questions that you should answer before you make a move toward an enterprise VoIP deployment.

The information contained within the special report on IP-PBXs is based on primary research Miercom conducted in fourth quarter of 2002. This two-volume special report includes comprehensive information on 23 IP PBXs from 15 vendors.

Specifically, the report includes sections on:

•  An overview of IP PBX technology.•  A review of current IP PBX market and technology trends.•  Comparative profiles of 23 IP PBXs.•  A discussion of IP PBX performance, including latency, voice quality, availability and security.•  An overview and analysis of IP PBX maximum capacities and current pricing.

The two-volume special report, which costs $2,995 and will be available next month, is targeted at enterprise network managers, network designers and implementers, IT product managers and telephony consultants. Click here for more on this report.

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