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Gigabit more expensive than it may seem

Feb 18, 20032 mins

* Gigabit more expensive than it may seem * Online extortion and betrayal * Two trends to watch * Live from Demo

Gigabit more expensive than it may seem

Vendors want to sell you Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop – but do you need it? And even if you thought you did, is it worth the cost? Brian Tolly this week looks at the hidden costs of deploying Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop, costs that might make you think twice about the technology.

Online extortion and betrayal

In ‘Net Buzz this week Paul McNamara takes a trip into the seedy world of brash extortionist hackers and e-commerce sites that are so embarrassed about being hacked that they don’t let anyone know that credit-card data has been stolen. Read this column for a real eye-opener.

Two trends to watch

Industry veteran Frank Dzubeck this week details two technology trends you need to watch – the emergence of blade servers and the merger of voice with wireless LAN technology. Read how these transforming technologies could really shake up the network world.

Live from Demo

Get the latest news and views from the Demo show being held this week in Phoenix. Sandra Gittlen and Neal Weinberg are on the scene, updating our Weblog every day.