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The year of living securely?

Mar 10, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

* The year of living securely? * The problem with crypto * Why not Linux? * Voices on voice

The year of living securely?

Chuck Yoke is back in Network World again, providing the User View of networking. This time he points out that several factors are coming together to make 2003 “the year of network security.”

The problem with crypto

Encrypting sensitive data on a laptop computer sounds like a great idea – until you get into the nitty-gritty of actually deploying crypto. This week Winn Schwartau guest stars on Network World Fusion with some questions everyone should ask before embarking on the process.

Why not Linux?

Mark Gibbs asks in Backspin this week why you’re not moving your servers to Linux. I think he’s serious about trying to get an answer, too.

Voices on voice

Network World is ready to put five vendors on the spot about their IP PBX approaches at the upcoming Voice on the Net show. Editor-in-Chief John Dix gives a glimpse this week into what the matchup will look like.