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Help the IETF

Mar 31, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

* Help the IETF * What Cisco's acquisition of Linksys means * Cool news from the Big Easy * April's foo

Help the IETF

The IETF may be having a relevance crisis, says Johna Till Johnson in this week’s Eye on the Carriers. She explains what has gone wrong – and what you should do about it.

What Cisco’s acquisition of Linksys means

Kevin Tolly this week turns his magnifying glass to Cisco’s recent purchase of wireless equipment maker Linksys. Cisco’s wireless gear sells for much more than what Linksys charges. Has Cisco undercut its own wireless LAN strategy?

Cool news from the Big Easy

Gadget guy Keith Shaw gives his wrap-up of cool stuff from the CTIA Wireless 2003 show in New Orleans. Cameras embedded in cell phones, new converged devices and a high-speed wireless network were among the highlights.

April’s fool

Howard Anderson in this week’s column accuses a group of using mind-altering drugs. And after you’ve read it, you’ll wonder if he sampled any himself.