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Data compression makes a comeback

Apr 10, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* NetsEdge Research Group looks at network compression

More business applications are traversing networks, and that means companies need to get all they can out of the network connections they have. Compressing the data moving back and forth is one way to do that.

NetsEdge Research Group recently released a new study that takes a look at that developing market. Peter Christy, co-founder of NetsEdge and co-author of the report, says data compression is an old idea that’s getting a fresh look. Compression products today are aimed at helping businesses reduce costs by improving the performance of Web-based applications without having to add bandwidth or infrastructure.

The study, “Bandwidth Optimization, Today’s Network Compression Market,” notes that in 2002 Expand Networks and Peribit dominated the market. Expand alone accounted for 87% of all compression products shipped last year, according to the study, which found that total spending on compression products in 2002 was between $27 million and $33 million.

Next year, though, enterprise buyers can expect to have more vendors to choose from as the market grows.  “While 2002 was a horserace between two vendors, 2003 is shaping up to be a full field of players (Expand, Peribit, Packeteer, ITWorx, Cisco and more to come),” the study says.

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