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Top sites might surprise you

Mar 27, 20033 mins
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* What the top sites are according to a list by Online Publishers Association and ComScore

Sometimes it’s good to know you’re like everyone else. At least, that’s how I felt when I glanced at the list of top revenue-producing content published by the Online Publishers Association and ComScore.

Not surprisingly, took its seat at No. 1. A one-stop shop for all your online needs, Yahoo is destined to remain there for quite some time. Rather than consolidating, Yahoo has plans to enjoy the future riches of online gaming, financial services, online dating, etc. You name the top revenue categories online and Yahoo probably has a service to match it.

Following Yahoo was Now, if you have talked to any of your “singleton” friends lately, you know they’ve passed into the rite of dating via I can’t believe the scores of people who have repeatedly signed up for the service – and some have even met their “match” via the site. It doesn’t hurt that has very compelling marketing and an almost “opt-out” subscription service. was just a few pegs below, showing the tremendous draw of online dating services.

Leading the pack of multimedia and music sites is Expect to gain competition as the entertainment industry looks to paid online content services to rival free download sites. Motion picture companies and record studios have begun to backfill sites with their catalogs so look for those sites to gain momentum.

Next on the list is with not too far behind. Both sites cater to an individual’s need to connect with others. I constantly get e-mail from telling me that a new classmate has joined the service. It’s an appealing marketing scheme. Genealogy is another home run on the ‘Net as many people get in touch with long lost relatives through the wonders of the online world.

The Wall Street Journal, which really has maintained its lead as the top news subscription site, continues its domination in this category. The Wall Street Journal does it right. From breaking news to top-notch financial information to great analysis, the site proves that an online venture can be every bit as content-generating as the printed version. Other newspapers have not been able to capture this model and have had to go to a free model with their content.

Finally, staked its claim to a spot in the top 10. The site is fantastic in its ability to create community. From its online journals (which creates repeat customers) to its unique tools (points calculators, calorie counters, etc.), complements its retail counterpart, creating legions of ongoing subscribers.

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