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Mirror Image partners with Warp

Apr 24, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Mirror Image uses Warp Solutions gear for dynamic caching service

Mirror Image is fleshing out its instaContent line of content delivery services with a new offering aimed at dynamic content delivery. The service, called instaContent Dynamic, is designed for e-commerce storefronts and other Web sites with a lot of quickly changing content and transaction-based applications.

To offer this service, Mirror Image is partnering with Warp Solutions. The CDN is deploying Warp’s 2063e edge appliances within its Content Access Point network. The Warp 2063e, which I wrote about last week, sits at the edge of a network and offloads high-volume traffic to serve end user requests from the closest node resource.

That means companies using Mirror Image’s instaContent Dynamic service won’t have to worry about huge loads on their application and database servers. Typically, dynamic content requests have to go back to origin servers, and that can dramatically hurt performance.

The Warp devices will be able to offload processing from those origin servers and deliver dynamic content from their own caches. The way it works is that the Warp 2063e caches dynamically generated pages – a weather report for a particular city, for example. When that same page is requested again, it is served up from the Warp device without having to send a request back for processing in origin servers.

Bob Hammond, CTO for Mirror Image, says that with instaContent Dynamic companies don’t have to redesign Web pages to distribute rich, dynamic content. The instaContent Dynamic service can be up and running in a matter of hours, Mirror Image execs say. The service will be available this month, starting at under $2,500 per month.