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NetFlash: ROI rules Interop

May 05, 20032 mins

By Jeff Caruso 

A couple years ago, many IT managers didn’t even know what “ROI” stood for – and now the acronym is as common to IT-speak as TCP/IP. ROI, for those who still don’t know, is “return on investment,” which is just a fancy way of saying “bang for your buck.” Businesses are looking for ways to make sure they’re getting the value they expect from their IT products and services, and this trend was especially evident at last week’s NetWorld+Interop 2003 trade show in Las Vegas. There, using technology for cutting costs and increasing revenue was of top concern.

ROI rules Interop

ID management software gathers steam

Too much of network administrators’ time is spent on managing simple user-identification functions like user IDs and passwords. Fortunately, many management software vendors are producing tools to make the process smoother, creating a whole new genre of management.

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Venture funding continues downward spiral

About the best thing that can be said about the latest numbers on network and software industry venture-capital investing is that they are still bigger than in most other industries.

SCO threats hang over Linux arena

When The SCO Group last month filed its $1 billion lawsuit against IBM for alleged misuse of Unix code, CEO Darl McBride insisted that the matter had nothing to do with Linux or open source. Since the complaint was filed in March, SCO executives have conceded that they are looking beyond IBM and have issues with code in other Linux products, including those from Red Hat and SuSE Linux.