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RealNetworks heads upstream

May 15, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* RealNetworks streams content to your mobile devices

Last time, we talked about Apple taking on e-commerce in the music world. In this issue, we’ll take a look at what RealNetworks is doing in the world of streaming content.

RealNetworks last week announced that it is launching the RealOne Mobile Media Guide, a program that lets users of wireless handhelds and cell phones access streaming content.

RealNetworks has partnered with Nokia to send the programming to Nokia’s 3650 and PocketPC devices. On the content side, Real teamed up with Capital Records, CNET, Radio Direct,, iFilm, NPR, Sporting News Radio and more.

This announcement is interesting because again it shows that you have to facilitate your own success – much like Apple did by creating the iPod so it could sell music online. RealNetworks not only announced that it would offer a player for wireless devices, it also rolled out a platform that content providers could use to create the content it would offer.


The RealOne Mobile On-ramp lets content providers, like the record companies and cable stations, port their video and audio into a PDA and mobile phone friendly environment. As RealNetworks states in its press release – this gives the content provider a new source of revenue (think subscriptions).

What RealNetworks doesn’t say in the release – but it’s obvious – is that the more content providers that use its platform, the more content there will be available to make the Mobile Media Guide a necessity. It is creating its own e-business destiny.