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IBM gets slime

May 27, 20031 min
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* IBM gets slimed * Too tempting for politicians * No more self-deceit * Security start-ups get running start

IBM gets slimed

Slimy – that’s how Scott Bradner characterizes the latest efforts of The SCO Group, which is suing IBM for a billion dollars over Linux and Unix. Bradner says SCO is probably not expecting to get $1 billion; it most likely has other motives.

Too tempting for politicians

If you’re still wondering whether politicians would twist the proposed Total Information Awareness data-mining program to their own ends, wonder no more, says ‘Net Buzzer Paul McNamara. Fact is, some politicians have already tried to misuse a government agency set up to combat terrorism.

No more self-deceit

The first step to recovery is acknowledging flaws. Daniel Briere says the telecom business still believes at least six lies spoken during the telecom boom, and this week he reveals the truth.

Security start-ups get running start

Just how hot is security these days? Ask Robin Vasan, general partner with venture capital firm Mayfield, who has investments in the three security companies he profiles this week.