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Array’s Web resource mapping

May 21, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

* Defining Web resource mapping

In our Technology Update this week, Array Networks takes a look at its Web resource mapping technology.

The company defines Web resource mapping as the ability to transparently map embedded content references (hyperlinks, online images, etc.) to names that can be used by not only corporate users but by Internet users as well.

The overriding idea behind this technology is to tweak Web applications and content so it can easily and quickly work over the Internet. According to our Array Networks author, Web resource mapping is ideally performed inside the proxy server sitting between a client and server. The proxy can simply sit in front of application and Web servers and transmit their requests. When the proxy receives an HTTP request, it parses the modified URL, rewrites it to agree with what the origin server expects, and finally passes it back to the server so the server doesn’t realize that the content was modified in any way.

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