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Your Office Keeps On Truckin’

Feb 27, 20062 mins
Data Center

I’ve been looking for more news following this announcement about Ford’s upcoming features planned for their popular F Series trucks, but haven’t seen any in the computer trade press, just the Auto press pages. While the Ford Mobile Office with Fordlink isn’t quite here yet, the fact that it’s coming shows how mobile communications have become paramount for even the smallest businesses. Ford expects plumbers, cable installers, and other contractor-types to buy the $3000 (estimated price) option when available. And if you’ve paid a plumber lately, you know they can afford a new truck full of mobile access goodies.

Interestingly, that plumber may be a woman. Credit the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) for helping women grab their toolbelts. This story highlights some of the women recognized by NAWIC the past few years.

This story about the huge growth of women-owned businesses taken from Census data from 1997-2002 says women-owned businesses grew at twice the national rate for privately held companies. Women who don’t like the construction trade may want to join Girl Geeks and start their own computer services companies that have become so popular lately with firms like Geeks On Call and Geek Squad and their competitors.

Ford didn’t say their Mobile Office was limited to the construction industry. I’m sure they’d let some Girl Geeks buy their trucks.