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Linux Update

Aug 12, 20041 min
Data Center

Here are two interesting notes for Linux fans. First, the Brains of Cambridge (or at least the Technology Review magazine supported by MIT) ran an article in their recent issue about how Linux does an excellent job as a desktop operating system, and can replace Microsoft Windows for many users. Duh. What’s next month, a News Flash saying Politicians Lie About Opponents?

They also said that Linux desktops now outnumber Mac desktops, but don’t quote their source. I’ve been predicting that long enough I finally got it right.

If you’re interested in my take on Linux integration into an existing enteprise today, check out the white paper I did for right here. I say in that piece that although Linux can do 80 percent or more of what corporate users need, inertia and Microsoft will keep the desktop clear of Linux in big companies for the next few years.