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Dec 26, 20052 mins
Data Center

No one’s watching, since this is the dead week between Christmas and New Year’s, so no one has shut me down. A coup (like this one of the inmates taking over the asylum) even on such a small scale as taking over a portion of the web site here at Network World, works best when those in power don’t notice. So far, so good.

On January 2nd, my Small Business Technology newsletter will discuss some of the best business ideas for small businesses in 2006. The list comes from Entrepreneur Magazine, and I focus on their technical business ideas. I’ll add some of my ideas to their list, so if you have some ideas, let me know.

One of the ideas on the list, recycling, has a related story I just listed as one of the SMB News stories just to the right. The landfills are so full of gift packages right now we want to keep as much computer equipment out of the dump as possible.

In case you forgot from last week, here’s a paragraph of introduction for me. I am James Gaskin, head inmate. I write the Small Business Technology newsletter each week for Network World, and just to keep myself confused, I also write the Enterprise Networking newsletter for That actually works out well, because many small and medium business products and services fit well within enterprise departments and remote offices, and many enterprise vendors modify products for the booming small and medium business (SMB for shorthand) market.

If you’re reading this before January 1st, take a look back at my Calendar Cleanup column. You can save yourself some tax dollars, thanks to a government mistake actually granting some tax relief to “sub-millionaires” like us.

Remember, sneak around quietly so no one notices.