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Videoconferencing in the field with Tandberg

May 12, 20031 min
Data Center

Tandberg is offering a new endpoint with a twist: Portability for use in mobile field units by the military, first response emergency crews and health organizations. The Tandberg Tactical, which comes in a hardshell case, a 15.1 inch monitor and weighs 40 pounds, is available in two versions: the 6000 and 2500. What’s the big difference between the two? The tactical 6000 comes with Tandberg’s 6000 codec capable of 2M bit/sec video over ISDN and 3M bit/sec over IP, while the 2500 maxes out at 384K bit/sec over ISDN and 768K bit/sec over IP. Also, the 6000 has more inputs for external audio, video and data sources. Both devices can connect over a V.35 data connection and have built-in AES for added security. Customers can connect the Tactical to just about any network, including satellite and cellular-based systems. Prices range from $21,490 to $34,490.