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SightSpeed pricing info

Aug 01, 20031 min
Data Center

As I’ve mentioned before when singing the praises of SightSpeed, they are planning on implementing a subscription model. Well it’s here. There are three levels of pricing: Free (10/day, 100/month), Silver ($9.95/mo for 200 anytime minutes and $.20/min over 200), and Gold ($29.95/mos for unlimited use.) Each plan has some yearly plans available to help knock down the price as well as some “charter membership” discounts. Will the business model work? Time will tell. I am leery of paying for it at the moment since I don’t know how much I’d use it. But if you’ve got a circle of people you talk to a lot and want to be able to see them, such a plan could work and allow you to avoid long distance phone charges with the added benefit of seeing the person on the other end.