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ViewCentral launches version 4.6

Dec 19, 20031 min
Data Center

ViewCentral has added a number of features to its Collaboration Management Solution, a service that helps customers manage, schedule and organize online and in-person events. A few of the 4.6 release highlights include new registration capabilities that allow customers to set registration end-dates and give special discounts to the first X-number of registrants. A new event reminder system is also included that send out e-mails at various intervals prior to an event to all registered attendees. ViewCentral also offers a feature that shortens the URL sent out to event invitees, making it more use friendly and easier on the eye. (It’s also a nice way of ensuring a link doesn’t break in an e-mail message… we do that here at Fusion with “go” scripts.) On the data management side, users can get customized reports sent to them regularly via FTP or e-mail. The new version is available today.