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Polycom, Tandberg make enhancements

Jan 27, 20041 min
Data Center

Yesterday brought news from fierce competitors Tandberg and Polycom regarding new updates, features and options for their respective line of videoconferencing equipment and software. Key in both companies announcements is expanded support for both the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and H.264.

Polycom is adding AES and H.264 via a software update to its iPower and ViewStation FX, EX and VS4000 systems. The update should be out in March. Tandberg is making AES standard on all of its units. Previously is was only available as an option. H.264 is already supported by Tandberg it all of its products.

For a full roundup of the news, including new high-end video station options from Polycom and an update for the Tandberg Management Systems, click here.

Despite the competition angle, the good news about these announcements is that they should make the two companies products more interoperable – as long as they adhere to the H.264 and AES standards. H.264 is particularly key, since it allows better quality video at the same connection speed as compared to its predecessor, H.263. The AES will be important for those where security is a requirement, not a nice option.