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Video telephony from Cisco and Tandberg

Feb 18, 20041 min
Data Center

Cisco released a major update to its CallManager (IP PBX) product that will allow end users to make a video call as easily as they would a regular call: just enter the phone number. Cisco is offering a $190 USB camera and PC software package to get the entry level user to start using video, but for those with more sophisticated needs Tandberg has two endpoints that are now integrated with the new release. Both the Tandberg 1000 (desktop) and 550 (set top) run Cisco’s software natively, meaning they have all the functionality (and same user interface) as a Cisco IP phone, with the added benefit of H.264 video. What I like about the integration work done by the two companies is how easy it makes it to connect to another user and some of the administration features. CallManager 4.0 can provision and configure a Tandberg endpoint running the Cisco software option centrally, so the end user does not have to run through the myriad of menu options to get started. With Cisco throwing its weight behind video, the industry could be in line for that much awaited takeoff.