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A multi-codec codec?

Mar 12, 20041 min
Data Center

This one slipped through the cracks most of the week: I did a story in this week’s print edition on a new technology from Broadcast International called CodecSys. What is does is encode an audio or video clip using multiple codecs instead of just one. Three frames of video might be one codec while the next two could be another and so forth. What’s cool is the Broadcast International folks say they can compress a 2 hour, full screen movie onto a 256 meg memory stick instead of a 5 gigabyte DVD disc. A software decoder is needed to watch the video, but Broadcast International hopes to make it into a plug-in for the more mainstream media players and embed it into a DSP chip for use in set top boxes and other appliances. If they can get the right partnerships, this could take be huge for the audio/video industry.