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Squeeze 4 on the way

Jun 11, 20041 min
Data Center

Sorenson Media this week began previewing the upcoming Squeeze 4 release, due out later this summer. The new release features some codec enhancements, including the new MPEG-4 AVC codec that has a great compression ratio than before. Also, the release supports High Definition too for those formats that offer it. But the biggest improvement is in the user interface – it’s much, much better. There’s also a better batch job function for encoding multiple files at the same time and an improved watch folder capability. I’m looking forward to this release. It will still be available in three versions: Squeeze 4 Compression Suite (all the bells and whistles) for $449; Sorenson Squeeze 4 for Macromedia Flash MX for $119; and, Sorenson Squeeze 4 for MPEG-4 for $199.