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A conferencing ‘bloodbath’

Jul 15, 20041 min
Data Center

What will conferencing look like in 10 months to a year? According to Andrew Davis, if you look at a screen from 10 feet away, you’ll see a window of video (maybe multipoint), a window of data (presentation) and hear audio, but it will be tough to determine who is providing the application/service. Some will do video better, some will handle the data better. That was Davis’ message as he kicked off this year’s Wainhouse Research Summit in Boston.

Davis says it’s only a matter of time before the conferencing space really takes off. “There’s so much energy going into the pot, it’s got to boil,” Davis says. Granted, the anticipated take off of the conferencing industry has been predicted every year, but strides are being made with major vendors, like Microsoft, getting involved in the conferencing and collaboration space. Davis also says that while there probably will not be one killer application, he believes that the applications that drive the rich media conferencing space haven’t even been invented yet. So the best is yet to come.