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1/2 off songs at Real

Aug 17, 20041 min
Data Center

In a publicity stunt designed to promote Harmony, the new software that allows non-iTunes downloaded music to be played on an iPod, RealNetworks is cutting the per song download cost in half for its online store. Users can download songs for $0.49 or albums for $4.99. Real is dubbing the promotion “Freedom of Choice.” The free choice comes in RealPlayer 10.5, which has the controversial Harmony software installed. Real is hoping to lure users of the ultra-popular iPod devices away from the Apple-owned iTunes store. Or at the very least, get Apple to play nice with them. Along with the cheap downloads, Real launched a new online community at, though it seems initial responses to the community are not always positive. Real also revised downward its third quarter estimates to reflect the sale.