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Sonexis adds managed service, hosting options

Sep 01, 20041 min
Data Center

Sonexis, which until this week has sold customer premise gear for PSTN and VoIP Web conferencing, is getting into the hosted and managed services business. The company’s new ConferenceConnect is the hosted offering for those that don’t want to install hardware locally. Customers can do ad hoc reservationless meetings or schedule bigger, operated assisted events for up to 1,000 people. In addition to offering the standard Web conferencing bells and whistles, the service also integrates with Outlook and Notes for populating attendee schedules. Based on volume, pricing for the hosted service can be as little $50 per month for the Web half of the call. Sonexis adds that it “won’t be undersold on audio,” but offered no actual prices for the phone half of the equation.

Sonexis ConferenceManager Plus is for those that want the hardware on site but don’t want to the hassles of managing it. Sonexis provides the maintenance, support and help desk functionality. This is targeted at small and medium sized business that may not have the technical expertise on staff that can handle such hardware and applications.