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I’m forever blowing large or colored bubbles

Nov 24, 20052 mins
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I have always been rather fond of soap bubbles. If you have never tried blowing bubbles with Super Bubble Formula, you haven’t lived!

SBF will let you produce bubbles of extraordinary size. Here’s the formula:

  • 4 parts Regular Dawn or Joy
  • 40 parts distilled water
  • 1 part White Karo syrup or glycerine
Here’s another recipe which I haven’t tried but I’m told is the best:

  • 2 parts Regular Dawn or Joy
  • 4 parts glycerine
  • 1 part White Karo syrup
For both formulas mix everything together gently to avoid making bubbles, pour into clean storage containers and leave overnight. The next day using a coat hanger or a loop of fabric long enough to make a circle about 12 inches in diameter drag the loop through the mixture then wave in the air. Then bask in the admiration of all small children and most adults who see your bubbles.

Anyway, what got me on to this completely non-networking topic was a wonderful article I read in Popular Science. Here’s the blurb:

The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles

Chemical burns, ruined clothes, 11 years, half a million dollars—it’s not easy to improve the world’s most popular toy. Yet the success of one inventor’s quest to dye a simple soap bubble may change the way the world uses color.

An oustanding and amazing story and the result, bubbles that are really colored using a dye that looses its color when exposed to air or mechanically disturbed, are wonderful. The company that will be selling the new bubble mixture is Zubbles and their products should reach the market early next year.

Finally, check out Tom Noddy, master bubble blower.

OK, back to our regular programming.


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