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Cisco UCS B-Series vs. HPE BladeSystem: Which is better?

Nov 30, 20171 min
Data CenterServers

This IT Central Station report compares real users’ feedback on Cisco UCS B-Series and HPE BladeSystem

If you’re looking for feedback on Cisco UCS B-Series and HPE BladeSystem, look no further. This 11-page independent report from IT Central Station provides user reviews on both solutions.

“Previously, we focused on CPUs and servers, relying on the Intel cadence for change. With Cisco UCS, we became network-centric and changed our mindset to abstract the server, making it a stateless object for workloads,” wrote one Cisco user.

“Getting more out of what you purchased. Like the virtualisation of the product and especially the virtual connects allows for better efficiency in usage,” suggested one HPE customer.

IT Central Station compiles helpful feedback from real users to provide an unbiased overview of each solution. It reveals areas where these products have made a difference within an organisation, how they can be improved upon, along with other products in the space that may be worth investigating.