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Getting grounded in intent-based networking

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Jan 30, 20181 min
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This package provides essential information to help networking pros weigh if and when to jump in on IBN.

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INTENT-BASED NETWORKING made a big splash in 2017 when Cisco announced its intent to create an IBN advanced automation and orchestration system over the next few years.

The vision the company expressed has widespread implications for reducing the manual work needed to establish and maintain the desired state of a network. Once it is mature, IBN would let network admins define what they want the network to do – the intent – and after that the system would configure the network to fulfill that intent. Once the desired state is set, the system would monitor the network for changes that might disrupt that state. If it finds any, it could then take action to restore the expressed intent.

Cisco isn’t the only player in IBN. Others include Juniper Networks, Apstra, Forward Networks and Veriflow. Each has a slightly different spin on what IBN is and how their products fit into the picture.

This package of articles provides essential definitions, descriptions and roadmaps that can help networking pros weigh if and when they want to jump into IBN. – Network World